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Here are the typical chiropractic care schedules that are recommended by Dr. Luban:

Option 1 - Relief Care – Chiropractic treatments given three times per week until the patient has achieved the results they are looking for. The goal is to relieve the pain and get out of discomfort. This type of care continues week by week.

Option 2 Corrective Care – Chiropractic treatments given three times per week for up to 12 weeks. The first goal is to reduce the level of discomfort. The second goal is to improve spinal joint range of motion, overall flexibility and balance. The third goal is to improve spinal alignment and posture.

Option 3 Wellness Care - to maintain a healthy spine and optimize your health, with minimization of future problems. The goal is to prevent movement restrictions, reduce stress buildup and maintain optimal performance. Typically, this involves one or two office visits per month. Each visit consists of the spinal adjustment, soft tissue therapy, stretching and traction.
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