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Conveniently located in the loop, in the pedway, next to Macy's

25 East Washington Street, Suite 61
Chicago, IL 60602

Providing the very best alternative health care, using the most modern technology available, for a drug and surgical free treatment option



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It doesn't get any better than this.
My office is the only certified AllergiCare center in Chicago. I have secured the equipment and training that combines cutting edge, ultra-modern technology with natural alternative healing methods, to help you get relief from your allergy symptoms. There are no allergy shots or any medications. The treatments use laser technology and frequency generators, homeopathic dilutions and acupuncture meridians, take all of 3-5 minutes and have results can last indefinitely.
Chicago Chiropractor | Amazing Allergy Elimination Technology. Dr. Michael Luban is a Chicago Chiropractor.