This fat reduction laser treatment* offers a non-invasive approach to losing inches in targeted areas. This laser treatment works in stages:

  1. The laser lights are aimed at targeted areas of the skin where you want to lose inches
  2. The laser lights penetrate down into the fat cells, causing the fat to breakdown into smaller components
  3. The laser lights also open pores in the fat cell membranes allowing the release of the smaller components, causing the fat cells to shrink
  4. The released fat components are then metabolized during whole body vibration, and flushed out of the body

We believe that successful body contouring doesn’t just make you look better. It should incorporate some physical activity, improved eating habits, a positive mental attitude and getting rid of those nasty health-robbing toxins hidden in the fat cells.

What you will get with this program is: 15 minutes of using up to 8 laser-light pads, 10 minutes of whole-body vibration therapy and an opportunity to consult with the doctor. We also offer an optional detox program.

We’d love to help, just give us a call or request an appointment and we’ll get you right in.

*Valid treatment areas: Legs, thighs, upper arms, back, lower back, stomach, buttocks, love handles.